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The Right Technology Solution for Your Business 

VenuLex Solutions helps businesses find the right technology for their business needs.  From custom SAAS (Software As A Service) business software for financial institutions to augmented reality mobile applications for museums and easy-to-use web management tools for non-profit organizations, VenuLex has been providing technology solutions for clients coast-to-coast for over 12 years.  

Augmented Reality

Custom augmented reality mobile apps engage and enhance customer and visitor experience.  The ability to augment anything from product displays, packaging, catalogs, print campaigns, exhibits and clothing with 3D animation, video and e-commerce and social integration provides a powerful platform for your business or organization.  


Cloud-based solutions (also known as Software As A Service or SAAS) provide businesses the opportunity to leverage powerful software solutions without the worry to maintain or need to upgrade existing technical infrastructure.  VenuLex has developed and implemented powerful, easy-to-use and secure solutions that take advantage of the cloud.


The growth of mobile is unprecedented even in the highly changing technology sphere.  VenuLex can help you evaluate and implement the best mobile strategy for your business needs.  From mobile applications to mobile optimized client experiences let us put our experience to work for your business.


VenuLex can help you determine the best web solution for your business.  From using Social Media services like Facebook or Twitter to implementing powerful open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) which make maintaining your web presence efficient and affordable, VenuLex has assisted clients from coast to coast on the ever-changing web landscape.

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